Cannon Sights

Our beautiful cannon sights crafted by Fred Chapman, are a must have item for any gun owner.  Although we make every effort to have his sights in stock, they move quickly.
Cannon Sights Price List
Part # Description Price Each
TRO-151 3″ Ordnance Rifle Pendulum Hausse Sight $200.00
TRO-151A Front Sight $30.00
TRO-152 6 Pdr Gun Pendulum Hausse Sight $200
TRO-152A 6 Pdr Front Sight $30.00
TRO-153 12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer Pendulum Hausse Sight $200.00
TRO-153A 12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer Front sight $35.00
TRO-154 12 Pdr Field Howitzer Pendulum Hausse Sight $200.00
TRO-154A 12 Pdr Field Howitzer Front Sight $30.00
TRO-155 12 Pdr Napoleon Pendulum Hausse Sight $200.00
TRO-155A 12 Pdr Napoleon Front Sight $30.00
TRO-156 10 Pdr Parrott Stadia Sight $250.00
TRO-156A 10 Pdr Parrott Rimbase Sight $50.00
TRO-156B 10 Pdr Parrott Stadia Socket $50.00
TRO-157 Gunner’s Level
2.25″ CS Mtn. Rifle Rear Sight
2.25″ CS Mtn. Rifle Front Sight
TRO-26 Leather Pouch for Mountain Howitzer Sight $25.00
TRO-27 Leather Pouch for 6 Pdr Gun/Field Howitzer Sight $25.00
TRO-28 Leather Pouch for 12 Pdr Gun or 3″ Ordnance Rifle Sight $30.00