Implements Etc.

Price List
Part # Description Price Each
TRO-126 Sponge/Rammer for Mountain Howitzer, Prairie Carriage $90.00
TRO-127 Worm/Sponge for Mountain Howitzer, Prairie Carriage $100.00
TRO-128 Sponge/Rammer for 3″ Rifle $100.00
TRO-129 Worm for 3″ Rifle $100.00
TRO-130 Sponge/Rammer for 6 Pdr Gun or 12 Pdr Field Howitzer $100.00
TRO-131 Worm for 6 Pdr Gun or 12 Pdr Field Howitzer $100.00
TRO-132 Sponge/Rammer for 12 Pdr Gun $100.00
TRO-133 Worm for 12 Pdr Gun $100.00
TRO-134 Sponge Bucket $200.00
TRO-135 Tar Bucket $175.00
TRO-136 Prolonge $200.00
TRO-116 Gunner’s Haversack, Russet
(Red or Black Available)
TRO-117 Tube Pouch with Belt $100.00
TRO-29 Handspike $90.00
TRO-103 Brass Borman Fuse Wrench, copy of an original $30.00
TRO-170 Lanyard – Cotton $20.00
TRO-170C Lanyard – Cod $20.00
TRO-170H Lanyard – Hemp $20.00
TRO-171 Vent Prick Brass with Loop $20.00
TRO-172 Thumbstall $20.00
TRO-173 Prick Pouch $20.00
TRO-174 Gimlet $20.00
TRO-175 Primer Extractor $10.00
TRO-176 Vent Brush $20.00
TRO-177 Vent Cover $30.00
TRO-24 Fuse Cutter:
Crafted from Walnut and brass copied from an original, this item was used to measure a time fuse to the correct length for the shell to burst on target.
TRO-25 Fuse Cutter Leather Case with Shoulder Strap
(not a stock item)
TRO-01 Brass Pendulum Hausse Bracket for rear sight. Fits Napoleon, 6 Pdr Gun, 12 Pdr Field Howitzer, 12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer, etc. $25.00
TRO-02 CS Rear Sight Bracket made for the 2.25″ CS Mtn. Rifle, but can be adapted to other guns $35.00
TRO-243 Artillery Drivers Leg Guard used to protect drivers legs from being crushed by the horses.
Made per the spec.
TRO- Tow Hook, Spectacular copy of an original were issued
1 per limber chest
TRO- Wooden Box, great for primers & small items
Made from Pine
Made from Walnut
TRO- Gun Cover – Heavy white canvas complete with US or CS $150.00
LO Locker Boxes for 1st Model Prairie Carriage.
Made from walnut
Complete with metal hardware and copper top per pair.
Bricole Call for pricing

Items that come in handy…


Miscellaneous Items Price List
Part # Description Price Each
MWC-02 Wooden Spokes for #1 Field Carriage. Blanked out and generally shaped, not tennoned $3.00
Table of Fire
Specify Gun Type
10 Pdr Parrott
3″ Parrott
3″ Ordnance Rifle
6 Pdr Gun
12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer
12 Pdr Gun
24 Pdr Field Howitzer
Specs. Specifications for Cannons and Carriages.
Complete booklets done by Antique Ordnance Publishers.
Excellent format.
Call for Pricing
TRO-100 Canister Shot: 6 Pdr Gun, Steel (27 Per Rd) $0.60
TRO-101 Canister Shot: 12 Pdr Gun, Steel (27 Per Rd) $0.60
TRO-123 Canister Shot: 12 Pdr Field Howitzer, Steel (48 Per Rd) $0.60
FL01B Tow Hook, Trailer: This is a Pintle Hook & Key attached to a 2″ Square tubing to use in a truck trailer hitch to move guns around. $180.00