Misc. Carriages

Pack Carriage for Mountain Howitzer
Price: $6,500

2.25″ Confederate Mountain Rifle Carriage
Price: $6,000

Mortar Bed: Coehorn Mortar Bed, US 24 Pdr, CS, 24 Pdr, CS 12 Pdr (Please specify)
Price: $750.00

Metal Carriage for British Blakely, Whitworth or U.S. post-war cannon.
Contact us for more details.

Our carriages are exact reproductions of carriages used during the Civil War era and made to the Mordecai specifications. We use kiln dried, furniture grade white oak wood with lamination and a durable waterproof glue. Each wheel is hand crafted by Amish Craftsmen, to the specifications of that era. Our metal parts are of either cast or fabricated steel. The end result is a carriage that is stronger and more durable than the original model, and will last for many years of use.